Kidney/Pancreas Transplant

Physicians Related to Kidney/Pancreas Transplant

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Photo of Doctor Jason Reid Wellen
Transplant Surgical-Adult, Transplant Surgical-Pediatric, Surgery (General)
Saint Louis
Dr. Wellen's practice focuses on all aspects of kidney, liver and pancreatic transplantation as well as vascular access surgery and the placement of peritoneal dialysis catheters. He has expertise in laparoscopic surgery including such procedures as laparoscopic donor nephrectomy as well as laparoscopic placement of peritoneal dialysis catheters.

Photo of Doctor Surendra Shenoy
Surgery (General), Transplant Surgical-Adult
Saint Louis
Dr. Shenoy primarily restricts his practice to liver surgery and transplants, kidney and small bowel transplants and vascular access surgeries.

Photo of Doctor Brent W Miller
Transplant Medical-Adult, Nephrology/Renal, Internal Medicine
Saint Louis
Dr. Miller specializes in kidney transplantation, chronic rejection after kidney transplantation, nocturnal hemodialysis, exercise physiology, uremic myopathy, and steroid myopathy. You must have a referral from your primary care physician before making an appointment with Dr. Miller.

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