Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Council for Diversity and Inclusion

Council for Diversity and Inclusion Members


  1. Darnetta Clinkscale, Director, Respiratory/Rehab Services - Council Chair
  2. Richard Liekweg, President, Barnes-Jewish Hospital - Champion
  3. Katrina Farmer, Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children’s Hospital
  4. Barbara Bogomolov, ServicesCenter for Diversity and Cultural Competence, Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children’s Hospital
  5. Wanda Cummings, Office Coordinator, Center for Diversity and Cultural Competence
  6. Ken Darling, Director, Housekeeping
  7. Linh Dye, Director, Data Management and Performance
  8. Adrienne Ford, Manager, Neurosciences
  9. Corey Foster, MD, Cardiology
  10. Jennifer Horst, Talent Acquisition Manager, Human Resources
  11. Dwayne Ingram, Coordinator, Patient Relations, St. Louis Children’s Hospital
  12. Joel Jackson, Program Manager, Center for Diversity and Cultural Competence
  13. David Lewis, Social Worker, Case Management
  14. Steven Player, Manager, Inpatient Pharmacy
  15. Shawn E. Ray, Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Human Resources
  16. Kimberly Ray Redus, Director of Talent Acquisition, Human Resources
  17. Gene Ridolfi, Director, Transplant Services
  18. Sean Rodriguez, Director of Patient Experience
  19. Calvin Thomas, Nurse Coordinator, 11400/11500
  20. Greta Todd-Moorehead, Director, Child Health Advocacy and Outreach
  21. Michael Ward, Associate Dean for Student Programs, Goldfarb School of Nursing
  22. Gail Watkins, Director, Hospitality Services
  23. Elvedin Arnautovic, Program Coordinator, Center for Diversity and Cultural Competence

Workforce Diversity Committee – Kimberly Ray Redus, Chair

The workforce diversity subcommittee focuses on recruitment and retention of diverse staff that represent the patient services by Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Employee Experience Committee – Shawn E. Ray, Chair

The employee experience subcommittee focuses on policies and employee engagement activities that impact Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s employees’ experience.


Training and Education Committee – Steven Player, Chair

The training and education subcommittee focuses on ensuring that 100% of staff receive training on cultural competence by the end of 2013 and on an ongoing basis after 2013.

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