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Keith Guller

Until he unexpectedly passed out at St. Louis’ Muny opera amphitheater in the summer of 2009, Keith Guller did not suspect that he had a serious heart problem.  “I had none of the signs, I ran every day,” he says.  But this “fainting spell” was obviously something to be taken seriously, and he did: he turned to the Barnes-Jewish and Washington University Heart and Vascular Center.


In his first conversations with the cardiologist and cardiovascular surgeon, Keith recognized the extraordinary level of personal attention Barnes-Jewish patients receive from every staff member.  “All the doctors I spoke with took time to answer all my questions.  They explained options and why they were doing certain things.”


“But it was not only the physicians who gave me exceptional personal attention.  It was everyone…nurses, allied health staff, everyone.  It was always, ‘What can I get you?’ or ‘Do you need something?’”


 “My family felt confident and comfortable, too.  They carried the lion’s share of the worrying while I was in surgery, but the hospital staff constantly reassured them.”  

Over the years, and especially now that he has personally experienced the high level of care at Barnes-Jewish, Keith has become an enthusiastic advocate for the hospital.  “I tell all of my friends to go there.  You won’t find better treatment anywhere.  Bypasses, like I had, are an everyday occurrence at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.  They know exactly what to do.”


“I give to The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital because St. Louis—in fact, the Midwest—is truly fortunate to have a hospital like this.  Thanks to the people at Barnes-Jewish, I hope to be able to dance at my daughter Erin’s wedding.” 

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