Kidney Transplant

Risks of Kidney Donation

The risks of kidney transplant are similar to any major surgery.

Risk   What it Means for You 
 Death from surgery  Less than 1 percent (1 in 3,000). This is the same with any major surgery
 Surgical problems Risks of living donation include bleeding, infection, wound hernia, adhesive obstruction and blood clots.  These are similar to any other major surgery but at a much lower frequency.

Other facts to consider:
  • There are no known long term survival risks for living donors.
  • Donors have similar survival to non-donors.
  • Kidney donation does not increase the risk of kidney failure in donors.
  • Most donors had better quality of life than population norms.
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Explore Transplant

When a patient has kidney failure they must choose between dialysis or transplant. What are the pros and cons?


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