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Financial Assistance Policy

BJC hospitals want to help patients who do not have health insurance or who need help paying their hospital bills. As a nonprofit health care organization, BJC and our member hospitals and health service organizations care about the patients and communities we serve through better health and better health care.

Our staff can help you:

  • Apply for health insurance through the new Marketplace
  • Apply for Medicaid assistance
  • Determine if you qualify for financial assistance from BJC

BJC Financial Assistance

First and foremost, your financial circumstances will not affect your care. All patients are treated with respect and fairness. Patients who meet certain income guidelines may qualify for BJC Financial Assistance, including reduced hospital charges and long-term, interest-free payment plans.

Patients without insurance will automatically receive a 25 percent discount on the billed charges and will be considered for additional reductions and assistance. All patients will need to pay a minimum amount for medical services, depending on their family income, family size and financial need.

Applying for Financial Assistance

You may apply for Financial Assistance at any time – before, during or after your care, up to 240 days after your initial bill. We will send information with your bill about how to apply for assistance. Applications are also available upon request at any BJC facility, on our website and at www.bjc.org. The application requires proof of income such as a W-2 statement or paycheck stub.

Patients who have been enrolled in Medicaid in the last six months automatically qualify for Financial Assistance for medical services that are not covered by Medicaid. (The only exception is if the previous Medicaid enrollment was due to pregnancy. In that case, you can still apply for Financial Assistance.)

Medical Qualifications for Financial Assistance

BJC hospitals will provide, without exception, care for emergency medical conditions to all patients seeking such care, regardless of ability to pay or to qualify for financial assistance, in accordance with the requirements of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA).

Financial assistance is available only for emergency and medically necessary services. It does not apply to elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery. It also does not apply to the portion of your services that have been paid for by a third party such as an insurance company or government program.

Financial Assistance is available to patients who live in Missouri and Illinois. Because Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital serve patients from across the region, patients who live outside Missouri or Illinois will be considered for assistance at these two hospitals on an individual basis.

Income Guidelines for Financial Assistance

The amount of financial assistance you receive is based on Federal Poverty Level information set by the U.S. government each year. To be eligible for a discount, your family income must not be more than three times the Federal Poverty Level (300 percent). We can give you a Financial Assistance Policy Income and Discount chart that shows these income levels upon request. In addition to your income, the discount will also take into account the size of your family. Patients with family income over $100,000 a year are not eligible for BJC Financial Assistance, regardless of family size. Uninsured Illinois residents receiving services at Alton Memorial Hospital may be eligible for additional discounts under the Illinois Hospital Uninsured Patient Discount Act.

In the case of a catastrophic medical event, patients who may not ordinarily qualify for Financial Assistance will be granted aid. Under these special circumstances, patient payment responsibilities will not be more than 30 percent of annual family income.

Learn more

You can get more information about the BJC Financial Assistance Policy and an application by speaking with a Patient Services representative at your hospital or by calling us here.

Please feel free to ask about Financial Assistance. We are here to help.

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