Neuroscience Center


Neurology Specialists

Movement Disorders

Parkinsons, dystonia, and essential tremors can be surgically treated by our specialists. Testing gene... Read more →

  • Susan Criswell, MD
  • Marc Diamond, MD
  • Paul Kotzbauer, MD, PhD
  • Joel Perlmutter, MD
  • Brad Racette, MD
  • Brad Schlaggar, MD, PhD

Memory and Aging

Alzheimer's and dementia patients benefit from our research into new treatments. Early detection can slow... Read more →

  • Randy Bateman, MD
  • Nupur Ghoshal, MD
  • David Holtzman, MD
  • John Morris, MD
  • B. Joy Snider, MD, PhD


Our epilepsy specialists use medicinal treatment and brain surgery to offer the most advanced treatment for... Read more →

  • Larry Eisenman, MD
  • Edward Hogan, MD

Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroimmunology

Our specialists can slow symptoms of autoimmune diseases that cannot be cured. Research into white blood... Read more →

  • Anne Cross, MD
  • Robert Naismith, MD
  • Becky Parks, MD
  • Gregory Wu, MD, PhD


Our Comprehensive Stroke Center treats stroke victims faster and more accurately to preserve brain function... Read more →

  • David Carpenter, MD
  • Andria Ford, MD
  • Jin-Moo Lee, MD, PhD
  • Renee Van Stavern, MD
  • Allyson Zazulia, MD

Sleep Disorders

Sleep apnea, insomnia, RLS, narcolepsy, and Limb Movement can be diagnosed and treated at our Center... Read more →

  • Rachel Darken, MD, PhD
  • Steve Duntley, MD

Brain Injury and Stroke Rehabilitation

Our Neuroscience Center Rehabilitation Division offers specialty therapy clinics for aphasia, concussion... Read more →

  • David Brody, MD, PhD
  • Alexandre Carter, MD, PhD
  • Maurizio Corbetta, MD
  • Robert Fucetola, PhD
  • Thy Huskey, MD
  • Sindhu Jacob, MD
  • Nicole Werner, PhD

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Neuromuscular Disease

Lou Gehrig's disease and muscular dystrophy patients receive medical therapy at our Neuromuscular Clinic... Read more →

  • Muhammad Al-Lozi, MD
  • Anne Connolly, MD
  • Matthew Harms, MD
  • Glenn Lopate, MD
  • Timothy Miller, MD
  • Alan Pestronk, MD
  • Conrad Weihl, MD, PhD

Spinal Cord Injury

Our specialists treat spine injuries from trauma, infection, or tumors surgically and non-surgically... Read more →

  • Neringa Juknis, MD
  • Rimma Ruvinskaya, MD
  • Oksana Volshteyn, MD

Neurological Intensive Care Unit


  • Rajat Dhar, MD
  • Michael Diringer, MD
  • Michael Rubin, MD
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