Neuroradiology Exams

Neuroradiology specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disease of the brain, head and neck, and spine through neuroimaging techniques.

Common Neuroradiology Procedures include:

  • Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical Myelograms

  • Diagnostic Lumbar Punctures (LP) 

  • Lumbar Punctures (LP) for Chemo Injections, Nuclear Medicine Injections, and Injections for Blood Patch

  • Neuroangiograms (Diagnostic and Neuro Interventional Embolizations)

  • Spinal Angiograms

Scheduling Your Neuroradiology Procedure

Neuroradiology appointments are scheduled M-F from 7:30am to 3:00pm. Neuroradiology procedures are by appointment only and are scheduled by your referring physician. If you need to reschedule your appointment please call Radiology Scheduling at 314-362-7111 or 877-992-7111, M-F from 7:00am to 5:30pm.

Before Your Neuroradiology Procedure

  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to allow for registration time.

  • Please bring a photo ID (driver’s license or state ID), insurance card(s), and completed Medication Record with you to your appointment.

  • Most procedures require certain lab work and imaging prior to the procedure, which will be ordered by your referring physician.

  • Take your medication as you normally do, unless your referring physician has told you otherwise.

  • For any procedure requiring sedation: Do not eat or drink anything for 6 hours prior to your exam. (Note, for myelograms, do not eat anything 4 hours prior to your exam, but continue drinking clear liquids up until 30 minutes prior to your exam.) Unless your referring physician has told you otherwise, take your medication as you normally do with small sips of water. Please be sure to arrange for a ride home. Also, if you use a CPAP or BiPAP machine at home, please bring it with you to your appointment.

  • Be prepared to discuss your completed Medication Record, allergies, past medical history, and any previous surgeries.

  • Women should always inform their physician and the Neuroradiology technologist if there is any possibility that they are pregnant.

  • A medical professional will explain the procedure and answer any questions.

Length of Procedure

  • Procedures vary in length. Check with your referring physician or call the Neuroradiology department at 314-362-7113 to learn how long you can expect your procedure will last.

  • You may need to stay an hour to several hours after your procedure in recovery.

After Your Neuroradiology Procedure

You will be given care instructions after your neuroradiology procedure from a medical professional.

Questions About Your Neuroradiology Procedure

Please call the Neuroradiology department at 314-362-7113 with any questions about your neuroradiology procedure.


The neuroradiologist will report the results of your procedure to your referring physician’s office within 24 hours. Your physician’s office will discuss the results with you.

About Your Bill

You will receive two bills for your exam:

  • The hospital bill includes the cost to cover equipment, supplies and technical personnel. For questions, call Hospital Billing at 314-362-0710.

  • The radiologist’s bill covers the professional interpretation of your exam. For questions, call Mallinckrodt Institute (Washington University) Patient Accounts at 314-273-0500.

Patient Forms

To save time please download, print, fill out, and bring to your appointment.

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