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Surgical and Wound Care Clinic

The Surgical and Wound Care Clinic has a team of specialists including doctors, nurses and occupational therapists who are specifically trained to provide an individual treatment plan for you and help you reach optimal recovery.

What is the Surgical and Wound Care Clinic?

The Surgical and Wound Care Clinic has a team with special training to offer a treatment plan designed to meet the needs of each patient. Our team of specialists includes doctors, nurses and occupational therapists.

Types of wounds we treat:

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Wounds from trauma
  • Burns
  • Complex soft tissue wounds
  • Compromised skin grafts and flaps
  • Radiation tissue damage
  • Non-healing wounds for vascular surgery patients where possible amputation was recommended

Some of the treatment methods we use to treat wounds are:

  • Pulsed lavage – hydrotherapy to irrigate or cleanse wounds
  • Low frequency ultrasound
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – to learn more about this therapy for hard-to-heal wounds, click here

Ostomy care

An ostomy is a surgically-created opening in your abdomen that allows waste or urine to leave your body.

How we can assist:

  • Before surgery: We assist in marking the site where the ostomy will be created
  • After surgery: We help teach patients how to take care of their ostomy

If you have questions or are nervous about caring for your ostomy, we have trained staff who can answer your questions and teach you how to adjust to life with an ostomy.

Pressure mapping

A pressure map is a method used to check if there is too much pressure on some parts of the body. Too much pressure in some areas can cause skin breakdown and pressure ulcers. Pressure mapping is offered to our patients once a month.

Who can benefit:

  • Patients who use wheelchairs
  • Patients with spinal cord injury
  • Patients with paralysis
  • Patients at risk for skin breakdown

Other services we provide:

  • Podiatry services for patients who have diabetic foot ulcers
  • Outpatient elective procedures with local anesthesia, such as the removal of skin lesions, skin masses, non-facial moles and abscesses
  • Pre-surgery assessment and post-surgery follow-up for acute and critical care trauma surgery patients
  • Pre-surgery assessment and surgical scheduling (inpatient and outpatient) for general surgical procedures including hernias, abdominal wall repair and fistulas, gallbladder surgery and hidradenitis suppurativa. Surgery is not done in the clinic on the day of your appointment
  • Second option service – When you are making decisions about your care, a second opinion can ease your mind, provide you with an alternative option to consider and possibly prevent an unnecessary procedure. Our staff will spend the time to help you understand your options and to customize a care plan specifically for you

Address and contact information

The Barnes-Jewish Hospital Surgical and Wound Care Clinic is on the 3rd floor of the Center for Outpatient Health, on the corner of Forest Park Ave. and Euclid Ave., across from the Center for Advanced Medicine.

New Location
Barnes-Jewish Hospital Center for Outpatient Health
4901 Forest Park Ave., Floor 3, Suite 340
St. Louis, MO 63108
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Phone: (314) 362-1300
Fax: (314) 362-1482


The Forest Park Laclede Garage is the closest garage to the Barnes-Jewish Center for Outpatient Health.

  • The entrance is located on Laclede Ave., one block northwest of Forest Park Ave. and Euclid Ave.
  • This garage is connected to the hospital by an enclosed pedestrian walkway
  • Handicap parking is available on every parking level
  • A convenient drop-off area at the Barnes-Jewish Center for Outpatient Health is located on the street level off Forest Park Ave.

For more information on parking, click here.

Hours of operation

Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Closed weekends and holidays.

Our providers

All medical care is given under the supervision of Washington University Physicians, who are the medical staff of Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Resident physicians treating patients in the clinic are graduate medical doctors (MDs) who are completing advanced training in a chosen medical field. Also, the clinics are staffed by advance practice nurses who work in a joint - practice agreement with Washington University School of Medicine faculty. Professional personnel in nursing, diagnostic laboratories, social services, pharmacy, radiology, and dietetics/nutrition, are also active members of the health care team.

Billing and payments

Because you are being served by both Washington University Physicians and Barnes-Jewish Hospital, you will receive two bills for your medical care. Washington University will send invoices for the treatment provided by the doctor and Barnes-Jewish will bill for testing and ancillary services. Both accept most insurance plans, Medicare and Missouri Medicaid.

Patients who need help in paying for medical care will be directed to the financial services department.

Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

  • Please call the Clinic at (314) 362-1300 Monday through Friday, between 8:30am and 4:30pm
  • If it is an emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to the emergency room

How do I get my medicines refilled?

  • Please call the Clinic at (314) 362-1300. One of the secretaries or nurses will help you
  • You can also ask your pharmacy to call the Clinic for a refill

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