America's Top Doctors is a book and online resource directed to patients and referring physicians, published annually by a third-party, independent research team. The publisher employs a physician-led research group which surveys thousands of physicians each year in order to identify the very best in every specialty for every kind of medical problem. Physicians can not and do not pay to be on the America's Top Doctors list, whether it is online or in print.

The following physicians have been identified as Top Doctors in recent years..


- A -


Douglas R. Adkins, MD Oncology
Rebecca L. Aft, MD, PhD Oncologic Surgery
Muhammad T. Al-Lozi, MD Neurology
D. Claire Anderson, MD Radiology
Gerald L. Andriole, Jr., MD Urology
John P. Atkinson, MD Rheumatology
Paul F. Austin, MD Urology
James G. Avery, MD Internal Medicine
Michael S. Avidan, MD Anesthesiology
Sylvia Awadalla, MD Neurology
Riad Raymond Azar, MD Gastroenterology

- B -

Richard G. Bach, MD Cardiology
Leonard B. Bacharier, MD Allergy and Immunology
Maria Q. Baggstrom, MD Oncology and Hematology
Thomas C. Bailey, MD Infectious Disease
Thomas J. Baranski, MD, PhD Internal Medicine
Robert L. Barrack, MD Orthopedics
Nancy L. Bartlett, MD Oncology
Michael D. Bavlsik, MD Internal Medicine
Susan B. Bayliss, MD Dermatology
Michael Berk, MD Endocrinology
Sanjeev Bhalla, MD Radiology
Laura J. Bierut, MD Psychiatry
Ellen F. Binder, MD Geriatric Medicine
Elisa E. Birnbaum, MD Colorectal Surgery
Kevin J. Black, MD Psychiatry
Morey Blinder, MD Hematology
Kevin J. Blinder, MD Ophthalmology
Gordon R. Bloomberg, MD Pulmonology
William G. Bowen, MD Cardiology
Martin I. Boyer, MD Orthopedics
Jeffrey D. Bradley, MD Radiation Oncology
Keith H. Bridwell, MD Orthopedics
Keith Brandt, MD Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Gregory H. Branham, MD Plastic Surgery (Facial)
Richard D. Brasington, MD Rheumatology
Alan C. Braverman, MD Cardiology
Daniel C. Brennan, MD Nephrology
Robert Brophy, MD Orthopedics
Angela L. Brown, MD Cardiology
George J. Broze, Jr., MD Oncology
L. Michael Brunt, MD Surgical Oncology
Arnold Bullock, MD Urology

- C -

Kim Alan Carmichael, MD Endocrinology
David A. Carpenter, MD Neurology
David B. Carr, MD Geriatric Medicine
Mario Castro, MD Pulmonology
William C. Chapman, MD Surgery
Jane Chen, MD Cardiology
Michael Chicoine, MD Neurologic Surgery
Richard A. Chole, MD, PhD Otolarnygology
David B. Clifford, MD Neurology
John Clohisy, MD Orthopedics
William Clutter, MD Endocrinology and Metabolism
Anne M. Connolly, MD Neurology
John N. Constantino, MD Psychiatry
Charles Conway, MD Psychiatry
Lynn A. Cornelius, MD Dermatology
Daniel Coyne, MD Nephrology
James P. Crane, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Jeffrey S. Crippin, MD Gastroenterology
Anne H. Cross, MD Neurology
DeWitte Talmadge Cross III, MD Neuroradiology
Philip E. Cryer, MD Endocrinology and Metabolism
Susan Culican, MD Ophthalmology
Philip L. Custer, MD Ophthalmology

- D -

Ralph Dacey Jr, MD Neurologic Surgery
Ralph J. Damiano Jr, MD Cardiac Surgery
John S. Daniels, MD Endocrinology and Metabolism
Michael D. Darcy, MD Radiology
Thomas M. De Fer, MD Internal Medicine
Farrokh Dehdashti, MD Nuclear Medicine
Louis P. Dehner, MD Pathology
James Delmez, MD Nephrology
Colin P. Derdeyn, MD Radiology
Kathryn Diemer, MD Internal Medicine
John F. DiPersio, MD, PhD Oncology
Michael Diringer, MD Neurology
W. Edwin Dodson, MD Neurology
Stephen P. Duntley, MD Neurology

- E -

Dayna S. Early, MD Gastroenterology
Timothy Eberlein, MD Surgical Oncology
Steven Edmundowicz, MD Gastroenterology
Arthur Eisen, MD Dermatology
Matthew J. Ellis, M.B., B. Chir., PhD Hematology
Alex S. Evers, MD Anesthesiology
Gregory A. Ewald, MD Cardiology

- F -

Mitchell N. Faddis, MD, PhD Cardiology
Lewis C. Fischbein, MD Internal Medicine
Keith Fischer, MD Nuclear Medicine
Simon Fisher, MD Endocrinology and Metabolism
James W. Fleshman, Jr., MD Colorectal Surgery
Victoria J. Fraser, MD Infectious Disease

- G -

Richard Gelberman, MD Orthopedics (Hand Surgery)
Edward Geltman, MD Cardiology
Louis A. Gilula, MD Radiology
Harvey Glazer, MD Radiology
Marye Jo Gleva, MD Cardiology
Anne Glowinski, MD Psychiatry
Joel Goebel, MD Otolarnygology
Anne C. Goldberg, MD Endocrinology
Charles A. Goldfarb, MD Orthopedics (Hand Surgery)
Ramaswamy Govindan, MD Hematology
M. Gilbert Grand, MD Ophthalmology
Diana Gray, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Mark H. Gregory, MD Internal Medicine
Perry W. Grigsby, MD Radiation Oncology
Scott Groesch, MD Internal Medicine
Robert J. Gropler, MD Nuclear Medicine
Robert Grubb Jr, MD Neurologic Surgery
Fernando Gutierrez, MD Radiology

- H -

Melissa Harbit, MD Psychiatry
Bruce Haughey, MD Otolarnygology
Daniel Haupt, MD Psychiatry
William Hawkins, MD HPB-GI Surgery
Jay P. Heiken, MD Radiology
Robert Hogan, MD Neurology
Nancy M. Holekamp, MD Ophthalmology
Andrew Huang, MD Ophthalmology
Charles B. Huddleston, MD Thoracic Surgery
Richard Hudgens, MD Psychiatry
Timothy E. Hullar, MD Otolarnygology
Devyani Hunt, M.D. Orthopedic Physiatry

- J -

Michael R. Jarvis, MD, PhD Psychiatry
Jeffrey E. Johnson Orthopedics
Sreenivasa S. Jonnalagadda, MD Gastroenterology
Daniel P. Joseph, MD Ophthalmology

- K -

Leslie E. Kahl, MD Rheumatology
Michael A. Kass, MD Ophthalmology
Andrew M. Kates, MD Cardiology
Jay Keener, MD Orthopedics
Mary Kiehl, MD Internal Medicine
Sandra Klein, MD Orthopedics
Carl G. Klutke, MD Urology
Ira Kodner, MD Colorectal Surgery
Marin Kollef, MD Pulmonology
Kevin Korenblat, MD Gastroenterology
Phillip Korenblat, MD Allergy and Immunology

- L -

Adam Labore, MD Orthopedics
John M. Lasala, MD, PhD Cardiology
Jennifer Lawton, MD Cardiac Surgery
Jin-Moo Lee, MD Neurology
Stephen Lefrak, MD Pulmonology
Barbara L. Leighton, MD Anesthesiology
Eric Lenze, MD Psychiatry
Timothy J. Ley, MD Oncology and Hematology
David C. Linehan, MD Surgery
Gerald Linette, MD Oncology
Mauricio Lisker-Melman, MD Gastroenterology
Anthony J. Lubniewski, MD Ophthalmology
Philip A. Ludbrook, MD Cardiology
Kenneth M. Ludmerer, MD Internal Medicine
Gregg T. Lueder, MD Ophthalmology

- M -

Cynthia Ma, MD, PhD Oncology and Hematology
Susan E. Mackinnon, MD Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
George A. Macones, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Caroline Mann, MD Dermatology
Douglas Mann, MD Cardiology
Douglas McDonald Orthopedics
Matthew J. Matava, MD Orthopedics
Janet B. McGill, MD Endocrinology and Metabolism
Gerald Medoff, MD Infectious Disease
Diane Merritt, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
John P. Metzler, MD Orthopedics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Bryan F. Meyers, MD Cardiac Surgery
Jeff M. Michalski, MD Radiation Oncology
William D. Middleton, MD Radiology
Mark A. Mintun, MD Nuclear Medicine
Jeffrey F. Moley, MD Surgical Oncology
David W. Molter, MD Otolarnygology
Barbara S. Monsees, MD Radiology
Marc R. Moon, MD Cardiac Surgery
Christopher J. Moran, MD Radiology
John C. Morris, MD Neurology
Aubrey R. Morrison, MD Nephrology
Nabil A. Munfakh, MD Thoracic Surgery
David G. Mutch, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Matthew G. Mutch, MD Colorectal Surgery
Terence Myckatyn, MD Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Robert J. Myerson, MD, PhD Radiation Oncology

- N -

Vamsidhar R. Narra, MD Radiology
Michael J. Naughton, MD Oncology
J. Gail Neely, MD Otolarnygology
D. Michael Nelson, MD, PhD Obstetrics and Gynecology
John Newcomer, MD Psychiatry
Scott Nordlicht, MD Cardiology
Brian Nussenbaum, MD Otolarnygology

- O -

Randall R. Odem, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology

- P -

T.S. Park, MD Neurologic Surgery
Michael K. Pasque, MD Thoracic Surgery
G. Alexander Patterson, MD Thoracic Surgery
Michael J. Paul, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Julio E. Perez, MD Cardiology
Joel S. Perlmutter, MD Neurology
Alan Pestronk, MD Neurology
Timothy C. Philpott, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Jay F. Piccirillo, MD Otolarnygology
Daniel D. Picus, MD Radiology
Joel Picus, MD Oncology
Matthew A. Powell, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Chandra Prakash-Gyawali, MD Gastroenterology
Heidi Prather, DO Physical Medicine

- R -

Brad A. Racette, MD Neurology
Valerie Ratts, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
William Ricci, MD Orthopedics
Keith Rich, MD Neurologic Surgery
Thomas Richardson, MD Psychiatry
Daniel B. Rosenbluth, MD Pulmonology
Marcos Rothstein, MD Nephrology
Henry D. Royal, MD Nuclear Medicine
David A. Rubin, MD Radiology
Eugene Rubin, MD Psychiatry

- S -

Stuart S. Sagel, MD Radiology
Luis A. Sanchez, MD Vascular Surgery
Paul Santiago, MD Neurologic Surgery
Perry L. Schoenecker, MD Orthopedics
Benjamin D. Schwartz, MD, PhD Rheumatology
Lynne Seacord, MD Cardiology
Clay F. Semenkovich, MD Endocrinology
Gaurav K. Shah, MD Ophthalmology
Aseem Sharma, MD Radiology
David Sheinbein, MD Dermatology
James B. Shepherd III, MD Ophthalmology
Bernard L. Shore, MD Internal Medicine
Gregorio A. Sicard, MD Surgery
Barry A. Siegel, MD Nuclear Medicine
Marilyn J. Siegel, MD Radiology
Carla J. Siegfried, MD Ophthalmology
Joseph R. Simpson, MD, PhD Radiation Oncology
Jasvindar Singh, MD Cardiology
Donald A. Skor, MD Endocrinology and Metabolism
Timothy W. Smith, D. Phil., MD Cardiology
Andrea L. Stephens, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Steven M. Strasberg, MD Surgery
Dragan Svrakic, MD, PhD Psychiatry

- T -

Benjamin R. Tan Jr, MD Oncology and Hematology
Marie E. Taylor, MD Radiation Oncology
Sharlene A. Teefey, MD Radiology
Stanley E. Thawley, MD Otolarnygology
Matthew A. Thomas, MD Ophthalmology
Jeffrey P. Tillinghast, MD Allergy and Immunology
Garry S. Tobin, MD Endocrinology
William G. Totty, MD Radiology
Elbert P. Trulock III, MD Pulmonology
Gladys Tse MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Thomas H. Tung, MD Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
R. Lawrence Tychsen, MD Ophthalmology

- V -

Gregory Van Stavern, MD Neuro-ophthalmology
Suresh Vedantham, MD Radiology
Ravi Vij, MD Oncology
Katie Vo, MD Neuroradiology

- W -

Michael Wall, MD Anesthesiology
H. James Wedner, MD Allergy and Immunology
Katherine N. Weilbaecher, MD Oncology
Alan N. Weiss, MD Cardiology
Peter D. Weiss, MD Oncology and Hematology
Peter Westervelt, MD, PhD Oncology and Hematology
Michael P. Whyte, MD Endocrinology and Metabolism
David W. Windus, MD Nephrology
Franze W. Wippold, III, MD Radiology
Keith F. Woeltje, MD Infectious Disease
Mitchel L. Wolf, MD Ophthalmology
Michael Wong, MD, PhD Neurology
Pamela K. Woodard, MD Radiology
Megan Wren, MD Internal Medicine
Neill M. Wright, MD Neurosurgery
Rick W. Wright, MD Orthopedics

- Y -

Ken Yamaguchi, MD Orthopedics
Wayne Yokoyama, MD Rheumatology

- Z -

Allyson R. Zazulia, MD Neurology
Charles F. Zorumski, MD Psychiatry
Gary R. Zuckerman, DO Gastroenterology

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