2011 Report to the Community

Defining Moments →
Defining moments in people’s lives are often launching points. From these moments, one’s journey in life has the propensity to change.
A Heart Giving Out But Not Up →
“My wife is famous.” That’s what Mary Ann Cahalin’s husband would share with friends and even some strangers after she underwent her transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedure. In January 2008, Cahalin was the first person in the region to undergo a minimally invasive approach to replace her defective aortic valve without having to undergo open-heart surgery.
Too Young to Settle for a Life of Limitations →
Rory McCue’s life changed when he was 20. In 2003, McCue was on the precipice of launching his adult life. He was healthy, athletic and a little more than a year away from graduating from college. All of that changed in a single evening during a fire in his fraternity house.
Helping Yourself So You Can Help Others →
If you ask nurses why they chose their profession, the majority usually mention they want to help or take care of people, particularly during difficult times. Helping patients improve their health and recover from injury or surgery can be extremely fulfilling. Unfortunately, not all patients recover completely or at all.
From Critical Care to Caring for Others →
Barnes-Jewish has been the hospital of choice for Joyce Harris-Fields for decades. She had six of her seven children at Barnes-Jewish. Years ago, when she contracted hepatitis C, she came to Barnes-Jewish for care and has been treated frequently at the hospital as the disease has advanced.
Truly A Home Away From Home →
Over the past 12 years, Ron Peterson has returned to the hospital more than 25 times for annual physicals and treatment related to his lung transplant. Barnes Lodge has been his preference for lodging. In 2011 alone, Peterson stayed at Barnes Lodge 12 times.

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