Barnes-Jewish Hospital invests millions of dollars and many volunteer hours in the St. Louis community each year, and the impact can be seen in the thousands of people whose lives are better today as a result. Because 2011 data is not finalized for the IRS until later in the year, this report is highlighting data from 2010.

Charity Care
Charity Care at Cost $31.1 million
Unreimbursed Medicaid at Cost $46.2 million
Education and Research
Educating Health Professionals
$80.5 million
Medical Research $13.6 million
Safety Net Services
Community Donations
$10.1 million
Unreimbursed Medicaid at Cost
$1 million
Total* $188.2 million
*From 2010 Barnes-Jewish Hospital community benefit inventory of social accountability (CBISA)

2010 community health improvement programs included:

  • 34,488 community flu shots
  • 3,267 free health screenings
  • 11,498 attendees at health fairs
  • 122,098 attendees at community education lectures and events
Other funding includes support for programs such as:
  • The Teen Pregnancy Center
  • The Aware program for domestic abuse
  • Cab vouchers for patients leaving the hospital
  • Art therapy programs/Arts + Healthcare
  • Support groups
  • Trauma prevention programs

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