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Lower Body Lift

What is a lower body lift?

Lower body lift is a procedure that sculpts the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, lower back and outer thighs to correct loose or sagging skin following massive weight loss. An incision is extended like a belt around the lower abdomen, sides and back to help address loose skin in all of these regions. This procedure can dramatically improve the contour of the waistline following massive weight loss.

Total Body Lift

What is a total body lift?

The total body lift procedure combines the lower body lift with a lifting and sculpting procedure of the breasts, upper back and armpit region for dramatic improvements to the entire trunk. Although the lower body lift will address the front, sides and the buttocks, it does not address redundant skin in the armpit and bra strap areas. To correct these areas, a second incision extending from a male or female breast lift through the armpit region and to the bra strap areas is performed. This upper body lift will tighten loose skin in these areas, and when combined with a lower body lift comprises the so-called total body lift. The total body lift is the most powerful cosmetic procedure available to contour the trunk after massive weight loss.

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