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Molds can enter the home through any type of opening, such as an open door or window, leaks in roofs, or around pipes. Households that have been exposed to moisture should be tested for the presence of mold. New homes should be constructed with appropriate measures for reducing the potential for...

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College Prep 101

Expert offers tips on how to help students adjust to life on their own for the first time

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Smoking Affects Mental Abilities

Older adults who smoke lose their mental faculties more quickly than those who don't smoke, according to research published in 2004 in the journal Neurology. The study looked at 9,000 elderly smokers and found that their cognitive abilities declined five times as quickly as nonsmokers. Those who smoked the most had the fastest decline, the study says.

It is important to note, however, that although studies have connected smoking and an increased risk for cognitive decline, the National Institutes of Health says that researchers still aren't sure whether this lifestyle choice actually causes it.

Healthy Living

Back and Neck Care
Millions of Americans suffer from back pain every year. The reasons for the pain are many, including bad posture, accidents, improper lifting, obesity, and weak muscles. Practice prevention to minimize your risk for back pain — get regular exercise, lose any excess weight, and learn good posture.

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Type 2 diabetes is a chronic and progressive condition, but it can be managed. With help for your family, your friends and your health care team, you can learn to take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Your Family

Women's Health
Stay healthy and vigorous into old age by eating right, getting plenty of exercise and following recommended disease prevention practices.

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