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During the portion of the menstrual cycle in which the endometrial layer grows, the cells located outside of the uterus also grow. When ovulation occurs and the egg is not fertilized, the endometrial cells slough off both inside and outside of the uterus, causing bleeding, intense cramping, and...

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Anal, Throat Cancers on the Rise Among Young Adults, Study Finds

HPV is the main culprit, but vaccination can reduce the risk, experts say

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Some Children Still Lacking Immunizations

More than 20 percent of 3-year-olds in the United States have not had all the vaccines recommended, according to the CDC. The good news is that more American children than ever have been immunized. Children start out at birth with a vaccine against hepatitis B.

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Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is called the "silent killer" because it has no symptoms. If high blood pressure remains unchecked, it can lead to stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and more. You can stop this silent killer — if you catch it in time.

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Are you all too familiar with the coughing and wheezing that remind you that you have asthma? Asthma can be a serious problem, but it doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks. With the help of your health care team, you can keep your asthma under control.

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Children's Health
Enjoy good health at every age: know your body and how it works, eat well and stay active, and follow a plan for disease prevention.

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