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Emphysema destroys the alveoli and the alveolar ducts. As your lungs lose elasticity, the alveoli rupture, creating large airspaces that reduce the surface area needed by your body to absorb oxygen and remove carbon dioxide waste. This can cause shortness of breath that progressively worsens and...

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As Tropical Storm Erika Eyes Southeastern U.S., Residents Need to Prepare

People should have emergency communication plan in place, stock up on essential supplies

Health Tip of the Day

Air-Bag Safety Musts

  • Buckle your lap and shoulder belts. Air bags are designed to work in conjunction with seat belts.

  • If your car has adjustable shoulder-belt anchors, slide your anchor down as far as is comfortable.

  • Children under age 12 should ride in the back seat. Children younger than 8 should ride in an age-appropriate car seat or booster. Older children should use lap and shoulder belts.

  • Infants in rear-facing child seats should never ride in the front seat.


Healthy Living

Could your diet use a nutritional tune-up? A healthful diet has many benefits and it doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Add color to your plate with fresh fruit and vegetables, choose whole grains and low-fat dairy, and keep an eye on your portion size. Aim for balance, variety, flexibility and moderation.

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Type 2 diabetes is a chronic and progressive condition, but it can be managed. With help for your family, your friends and your health care team, you can learn to take care of yourself and stay healthy.

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Stay healthy and vigorous into old age by eating right, getting plenty of exercise and following recommended disease prevention practices.

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