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Congenital Heart Disease

Heart defects can also include narrowed or constricted blood vessels. One of the more common types of vascular defects is coarctation of the aorta. A narrowed or pinched aorta forces the heart to work harder to deliver blood. Eventually, the overload will damage both the heart and the aorta.

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FDA Approves Hard-to-Abuse Narcotic Painkiller

Targiniq ER contains naloxone, which blunts euphoria of oxycodone when tablet is crushed or broken

Health Tip of the Day

Tips for Night Driving

  • Don't wear sunglasses. At night, tinted glasses reduce the amount of light reaching the eye and therefore reduce vision.

  • Give your eyes time to adjust to darkness. Before driving, sit in your car for a couple of minutes to let your eyes adjust to the low light.

  • Don't look into approaching headlights. Instead, look to the right and far ahead, so your eyes aren't temporarily blinded by the bright lights.

  • If you have trouble seeing at night, have your eyes checked by an eye doctor.

  • Keep your windshield clean, and wash your headlights whenever you clean your windshield.

  • Keep your headlights properly aligned.

Healthy Living

You may wonder what all the fuss is about exercise. Simply put, inactivity is hazardous to your health. Physical activity can help you prevent chronic disease, manage your weight, and stay mentally fit. The best news is that it's never too late to adopt a more active lifestyle.

Health Centers

Learn how to become a proactive patient. Understand your treatment choices. Get the latest news on advances in cancer. If you or a loved one is facing cancer, you’ll want to explore the Cancer Knowledgebase, with separate sections on more than 60 types of the disease.

Your Family

Men's Health
You want the best for your child, from good nutrition to effective discipline to a breadth of life opportunities.

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