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Wound/General Surgery

The Surgical Care Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of patients with a variety of minor surgical procedures and wound care needs. The center is led by John Kirby, MD, Section of Acute and Critical Care Surgery, and staffed by a team of critical care surgeons and advanced practice nurses.

Directed Referral Program for Same Day Procedures

The Surgical Care Center schedules patients for minor surgical procedures Monday - Friday at 3:30 and 4:00 p.m. upon direct referral by a physician.

Same day appointments are provided for patients with specific surgical needs such as:

  • Evaluation, cleansing and management of a small (less than 3cm) acute wound, or a chronic wound that has suddenly worsened
  • Removal of a small, visible foreign body 
  • Incision and drainage of a small (less than 3cm) abscess 
  • Debridement of a small, superficial burn or wound

Making a directed referral appointment for surgical care

  1. Call the Surgical Care Center at 314-362-5298 to request a directed referral appointment. Same day appointments are made at either 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. to ensure an available attending general surgeon and procedure room.
  2. When making an appointment, please provide the patient's name and basic demographic information, a provisional diagnosis and follow-up contact number. In addition, please verify the patient does NOT have the following:
    • Contraindication to local anesthesia
    • Full anticoagulation
    • Need for parenteral antibiotics or antibiotic prophylaxis
    • A cardiac pacemaker or another implanted electrical device, as other arrangements will be used for electrocautery
  3. After making an appointment, complete the patient referral form and give to your patient to bring to the Surgical Care Center.

Follow-up after the appointment

A number of minor procedures may be associated with post-procedure discomfort. The patient will be offered a prescription for pain medication, including opiates if indicated. Some procedures may require the prescription of an antibiotic. The patient may be directed to return to you for care or may be scheduled for one or more office visits to the Surgical Care Center.

Regular Office Visits

Patients that do not require same day or next day appointments may also be referred to the Surgical Care Center for evaluation by calling. Examples of appropriate referrals include patients requiring:

  • Evaluation of a chronic wound (call 314-362-1300)
  • Evaluation of a reducible but progressively symptomatic hernia (call 314-362- 5298)
  • Physical and occupational therapy while undergoing lymphedema treatment (call 314-362-1300)

Find a doctor or make an appointment: 866.867.3627
General Information: 314.747.3000
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