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For Nurses

Barnes-Jewish Hospital has more than 2,400 licensed professional nurses working with one goal in mind - to provide the best care possible for patients. Nursing at Barnes-Jewish Hospital adheres to and complements the hospital's mission, vision and values.

Nursing at Barnes-Jewish Hospital

In accordance with the Missouri Nurse Practice Act (335.016), the Missouri Department of Health, and the hospital system mission, nursing at Barnes-Jewish Hospital is an art and science, developed from practice and scholarship, with the purpose of assisting patients and families to achieve outcomes reflecting the highest level of function.

Nursing is the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential health problems.

Nursing care includes the care and treatment necessary to provide comfort; to assist individuals in the promotion and maintenance of health and the prevention, detection, and treatment of illness; to promote restoration to highest possible productive capacities; and to assist with a peaceful death. The nursing process includes patient assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Philosophy of Patient Care

The philosophy of patient care is based on the principles of Primary Nursing. Primary Nursing is a responsibility relationship between a nurse and a patient. This responsibility relationship allows for matching the needs of patients with the skills and abilities of staff. It is about accepting responsibility for decision making about a patient's care, not about the length or intensity of the relationship. The principles of Primary Nursing provide the foundation for professional nursing practice and collaborative professional relationships. They are applied uniquely on each patient care area as defined by the needs of the patient population. This philosophy supports the Barnes-Jewish Mission Statement, "We Take Exceptional Care of People."

Nursing Care Standards

The nursing care of patients is holistic; attending to the physical, psychological, socio-cultural, development and spiritual needs. The standards of care are 16 functional health patterns that define the level of nursing care required of patients who demonstrate a variety of health care problems. The level of care delivered to patients in inpatient versus outpatient or treatment settings differs by levels of intensity and urgency. Consequently, the extent to which each standard of care is applied is based upon patient need.
Nursing practice at Barnes-Jewish Hospital is governed by the:   
  • Missouri Nursing Practice Act

  • Principles of Primary Nursing

  • Nursing Standards

  • Principle Accountabilities defined in the job description

  • Standards of practice defined in policies, procedures, Care paths, standard plans of care and protocols.

  • Hospital and Medical staff by-laws.

These standards ensure consistent nursing care is provided to patients and families with similar nursing care needs throughout the hospital.

Quality Planning

Nursing quality issues are identified through the unit practice committee activities as part of the Barnes-Jewish Hospital annual planning process. The individual Unit practice Committee's plans support the hospital goals for patient satisfaction, physician satisfaction, employee satisfaction, cost and the campus integration plan.

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