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Tribute Gifts March 2015

The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital would like to recognize gifts made in honor and in memory of a loved one. The following gifts were received in March 2015.

Browse gifts given in honor and gifts given in memory.

Gifts Given in Honor

Mr. James T. Blair
Moneta Group

Dr. Alan C. Braverman
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon A. Rudnick

Mrs. Myril Brod
Mr. and Mrs. Tilford B. Hearsh

Ms. Susan H. Byler
Mr. and Mrs. Jules L. Pass

Ms. Loca Catt
Misfitz Too Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Hanley Cohn
Ms. Frances Cohen

Andy Dielmann and Kristin Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Fagin

Dr. Robert Figenshau
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon A. Rudnick

Dr. James Fleshman
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon A. Rudnick

Mr. Marvin Gelber
Mr. and Mrs. Tilford B. Hearsh

Mr. Irv Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Tilford B. Hearsh

Mr. Paul D. Gorse
Ms. Shirley G. Koerner

Dr. Ramaswamy Govindan
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon A. Rudnick

Mr. and Mrs. David Grodsky
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cotlar

Mr. Theodore Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Tilford B. Hearsh

Mr. Robert D. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Jackson

Mrs. Elly Kassoff
Mrs. Audrey Weisman

Mrs. Susan Knopf
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rovak

Dr. Alexander S. Krupnick
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon A. Rudnick

Mrs. Joy Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Cherry

Dr. J. Gail Neely
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon A. Rudnick

Dr. Matthew J. Orland
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon A. Rudnick

Dr. Katie Plax
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Levy

Ms. Peggy Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Rand Goldstein

Mr. Harold Sarner
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob W. Reby

Mrs. Jacqueline Thornton
Miss Christine M. Keene

Lt. Col. Lisa Villarreal-Rennard
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Schmittdiel

Ms. Molly Kate Wise
Ms. Joan Langevin

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Gifts Given in Memory

Mrs. Ethel Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hoffman

Mrs. Patricia Louise Antey
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. James

Mrs. Sandra H. Bartelsmeyer
Mr. Karl L. Bartelsmeyer

Mr. Rick Beldner
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Cherry
Ms. Thelma Peskind

Mr. Stanley Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Gad

Mr. John C. Biver
Ms. Peggy L. Anderson
Ms. Jenece Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Troy W. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. James Darden

Mr. Jacob Blackman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lynch

Mr. Bernard Bloom
Mrs. Tammy Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. David Glazer

Mr. Frank Boltas Jr.
Mr. Harold P. Yalem

Mr. Bruce Branch
Mr. Jerrold H. Rosenblum

Mr. Philip Briggin
Ms. Marilyn S. Schear

Ms. DeLura Brummet
Dr. and Mrs. Paul G. Smith

Mr. Robert Byers
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Rennard

Mr. James C. Cain III
Mrs. Maureen Bettman
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Brnjac
Mr. George G. Casey
Mr. Herbert D. Condie III
Mrs. Eveline Hoffman
Mrs. Linda S. Hyken
Dr. Alan M. Londe and Ms. Sandy Tucker
Mrs. Ann S. Lux
Mrs. Barbara J. Morris
Mr. Robert J. Rau
Mrs. Phyllis M. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Singer

Mr. Jerry Chod
Mr. and Mrs. David Glazer

Mr. Ronnie Chod
Mr. and Mrs. David Glazer

Mr. Alan S. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Adkins
Mrs. Tammy Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ehrenhart
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hurley
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jouett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Lambert
Ms. Carol S. Moody
Ms. Karen K. Rabe
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Satlar
Ms. Valerie M. Tuxhorn
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Wilson

Ms. Marcia Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lynch

Mrs. Shirley W. Cohen
Mrs. Joan S. Abrams
Mr. Gregory Aman
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Birenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Charlson
Mr. Jeffrey Dieffenbach
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Goldman
Mrs. Alice Goodman
Mrs. Lois Guller
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Harrow
Ms. Gay M. Hirsch and Mr. Henry D. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Kaufman
Ms. Jane S. Kerr
Mrs. Susan D. Knopf
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Langsdorf
Ms. Shokria S. Louca
Mr. Andrew Malley
Mrs. Jean Manesberg
Ms. Jeannie Rader
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Radinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Reither
Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Reller
Dr. and Mrs. Jack B. Rosen
Mrs. Peggy G. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rubin
Mrs. Nancy L. Schapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Shanker
Dr. and Mrs. Harold B. Sitrin
Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Stern Jr.
Ms. Eleanor Withers

Mr. George Earl Daniels Jr.
Miss Rhonda L. Daniels

Mrs. Ruth Mae Meadows Daniels
Miss Rhonda L. Daniels

Mr. Tyler Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Davidson

Mr. David A. Deem
Benton Park Neighborhood Association
Deployed Resources
Mrs. Lois Guller
Mr. Michael R. Killeen
Mr. and Ms. Ralph Levy
Mr. Frank McCracken
Ms. Mary S. McFarland
Mr. and Ms. Ryan J. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Trammel

Mrs. Judy Deutsch
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Meyerhardt

Ms. Diane Dodson
Mr. Richard Dodson

Ms. Linda DuBois
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Strelic

Mrs. Diane R. Fine
Mr. and Mrs. David Glazer

Mr. John Foerstel
Mrs. D. J. Serkes

Mr. Richard W. Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Bilyeu
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Blair IV
Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Deutsch
Mr. Roger Goldman and Ms. Stephanie Riven
Missouri Athletic Club
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Murphy
Mr. Michael S. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Vogel

Mrs. Marian Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Steinback

Mr. Justin Greenberg
Mrs. Ellanie Balber

Mrs. Edith Hackmann
Mrs. Eva R. Kinzel

Mr. Clayton Hale
Mr. Douglas E. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Balk
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Hale
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Harrison
Ms. Holly Hoffschneider
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Newman
Ms. Ruth A. Noble
Mr. and Mrs. Brad R. Pickens
Mr. Rodney D. Plackett
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Stevenson
Mr. Michael G. White

Mr. William Hileman
Ms. Linda Marshall

Mr. Jack Hitt
Mr. David R. Conrad

Mr. Marvin Holtzman
Mrs. Renee Lees

Mr. Joseph M. Jonak
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ahillen
Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Bledsoe
Ms. Judy Clobes
Mr. and Mrs. Ray D. Cook
Mrs. and Mr. Karen Diehl
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Diersen
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Farmer
Mr. David E. Guymon
Mr. Scott Harres
Ms. Catherine L. Hencken
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Hutchinson
Ms. Jane Kissel
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Klaus
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice R. Lewin
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Lindsay
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. J. Terrence Orr
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
Ms. Kathleen A. Schoene
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stadler Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Vogt
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Whealen
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Wittenauer
Ms. Mary A. Young

Mr. Kennth V. Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Armbruster

Mr. John Kirkton
Dr. Bernadette M. Henrichs

Mrs. Muriel Konitz
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Krell

Mrs. Harriet Kronick
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Steinback

Mr. George Laburay
Mrs. Sharon A. Laburay

Mr. Allen Lasky
Mrs. Audrey J. Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Tilford B. Hearsh
Mrs. Ann S. Lux

Mr. George Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Cherry
Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Cotlar
Mrs. Renee K. Goodman

Mrs. Joyce Levine
Mrs. Audrey J. Friedman

Mrs. Jeanette J. Lilliard
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. James

Mother of Ms. Jill Limber
Ms. Julie Hurwitz

Mr. Wayne Lueders
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon M. Belford

Mrs. Janie Mast
Ms. Janis Petry

Mr. Lansden McCandless Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Rechter

Mr. Harry J. Mehrhoff
Ms. Frances Cohen

Mr. Alan Moore
Mrs. Karen Weinberg

Mrs. Norma Murry
Mrs. Joan J. Matava

Mrs. Donna S. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Guilander

Mr. Mark Alan Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Guilander

Mr. Jerry Nottebrok
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Elledge

Mr. Frederick Oertli
Mrs. Jo Oertli

Mr. Gilbert W. Otto
Mrs. Trudy J. Wojciechowski

Mr. John Montague "Jack" Phelan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Merker

Mr. Harold Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Seldon H. Kates

Mrs. Colleen S. Rozene
Mr. John A. Rozene

Mr. Edward D. Schapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Alton

Mr. Arnold M. Schrier
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Tenzer

Mr. Christ J. "Sonny" Schwarz
Ms. Anita K. Cain
Ms. Linda M. Coombs
Mr. Bruce Deibert
Mr. Daniel Frueh
Ms. Kelly K. Knackstedt
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mathis
Mr. Ryan Pirok
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Prott
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Reckmann
Mr. Brian Rinderer
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Twyford
Ms. Marie Weis
Mr. and Mrs. Tom D. Zobrist

Mrs. Elizabeth W. Schweizer
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Birenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Levin
Mrs. Ellen G. Lourie
Mrs. Alise O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Barry I. Pessin
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Spiegelglass
Ms. Christy Twin

Mr. Felix Schweizer
Ms. Julie Hurwitz

Mr. Norman Shatz
Mrs. Dorothy B. Levin

Mr. Harold Tench
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lynch

Mrs. Ann Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Marler

Ms. Nancy Toy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lynch

Ms. Florence Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Novak

Mr. Jerry Whiteley
Ms. Maryam S. Fakhradeen

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