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Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

The maxillofacial prosthodontics practice is devoted to habilitate esthetics and function of patients with acquired, congenital and developmental defects of the head and neck. The practice uses dental disciplines to treat, manage, and prosthetically rehabilitate patients whose cancer or cancer therapy has affected their oral-facial structures.

Head and Neck Prosthetics

After a resection surgery, traumatic event or due to a birth defect, prosthetics may be necessary. As a part of the ENT team, our maxillofacial prosthodontics practice works closely with surgeons, otolaryngologists and patients to create custom-made prosthetics for the head, face and neck. The practice also works with speech pathology and sleep clinic to make oral prosthetics to restore speech, swallowing, facial form and function, and airways for those patients.

Orbital Prosthesis
An example of an orbital prosthesis that was created custom for a patient, then surgically implanted.
Patient without orbital prosthesisPatient with orbital prosthesis
Before and after maxillofacial prosthetic surgery.

Medical and Radiation Oncology Management

Head and neck cancer patients are exposed to radiation, which can be damaging to areas not affected by cancer. Positioning devices can be used to protect areas of the head and neck that are exposed to radiation, but aren’t infected with cancer. Consultations are available for oral care before, during, and after radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Examples of treatment include:

  • Osteonecrosis of the jaw caused by chemotherapeutic agents;

  • Chemotherapy-induced intaoral bleeding, ulcerations;

  • Radiation-induced mucositis, Xerostomia (dry mouth), trismus;

  • Radiation stents;

  • Osteoradionecrosis of the jaws;

  • Fluoride therapy;

  • Speech Rehabilitation; and

  • Sleep apnea devices.

Dental Services

A maxillofacial prosthodontist offers the following dental services:

  • Implants, veneers, full mouth reconstruction;

  • Complete and partial dentures; and

  • Crowns and bridges.

Before full mouth reconstruction using dental implantsAfter full mouth reconstruction using dental implants
An example of a full mouth reconstruction using dental implants.

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