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Washington University’s Executive MBA Helps Physicians Understand the Business of Medicine

Washington University’s Olin Business School Executive MBA program isn’t just for accountants, brand directors or COOs. Physicians can benefit from learning more about the business side of medicine—especially amid the country’s focus on health care costs and insurance reform. The curriculum focuses on business theories that have practical, real-time applications to students’ work challenges—namely organizational leadership, creativity and innovation, sustainable growth, and global and emerging markets.

The program, recently ranked No. 2 by The Wall Street Journal, was developed in collaboration with Olin’s corporate partners. It emphasizes high-priority management issues and an ongoing planning process that enables students to continually assess and develop leadership capabilities.

Akash Sharma, MD, an assistant professor in radiology at Washington University School of Medicine, is currently in the Executive MBA program. “We all received training on the clinical side in medical school, but physicians rarely get training about the business of medicine,” he says. “With the cost of health care at the forefront, physicians’ awareness of the issues and participation in reform is needed now, more than ever.”

Sharma says the program is challenging, but so are the rewards. “The teamwork, negotiations and project-management concepts that we have learned so far are universal for any professional, so I am starting to see how my learning is affecting my mindset and my approach to these issues at work.”

Kay Henry, senior associate dean and director of the Executive MBA program says, “The main thing that differentiates us from other programs is that we’ve integrated career management into how we teach leadership. We tend to appeal to the seekers in life: ‘I’ve had a successful career so far, but what’s next for me? How can I grow and contribute more?’ So our MBA is a model that engages our executive students even before the program begins.”

Significant work experience, typically ranging from eight years to upwards of 20, demonstrated career progression and proven academic ability are a few of the prerequisites for the program. The executive program allows students to balance a full-time work schedule and courses over a period of 20 months.

Information about the Executive MBA program is available online, or you may call 314-935-9032.

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