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Breakthroughs - Fall 2010

Custom Total Knee


Patients sometimes experience more pain and stiffness than they would like following total knee replacement. Everyone’s knee alignment is slightly different, and a small degree of misalignment may be one of the causes of persistent symptoms and dissatisfaction. To further refine the surgery and improve outcomes, Robert Barrack, MD, is studying custom incision guides. “Three-dimensional models are developed from MRI scans,” he says, “and the guides are customized for each patient’s anatomy.”

Navigation System


A new electromagnetic navigation system is improving the safety and efficiency of interventional radiology procedures such as ablations, drainages and biopsies. The system captures and displays three-dimensional images gathered in real time along natural organ cycles such as breathing. This ability allows clinicians to target lesions within a moving organ without continuously stopping for new CT scans, greatly reducing the patient’s radiation exposure, tissue damage and treatment time.

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