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Real Science, Real Innovation: Brain Tumor

In the past, the location of a brain tumor was the deciding factor as to whether it could be treated or not. If the tumor happened to be located deep inside the brain, this left relatively few options for the patient, and often resulted in little to no hope of recovery. However, with the advances of technology in the last few years, there is new hope.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital specializes in treating all types of brain tumors, even those located deep within the brain. It became the second hospital in the country to offer the Monteris system, a less invasive procedure that allows treatment for tumors that were once considered untreatable. In addition to the Monteris system, researchers at Washington University created brain mapping, which decodes brain activity and networks. A game changing tool, brain networking gives vital information to the physicians which maximizes the removal of tumors and minimizes the impact on neurological functions, resulting in a higher recovery rate for the patient.

Another advancement is the intraoperative MRI in the operating room. The only one in the region, the high field strength of the IMRI allows for precision imaging during the surgery, allowing the physicians to pinpoint areas of the brain that would otherwise be unseen. By using the MRI, surgeries are improved by 30-40% on average.

These latest advances in brain tumor surgical techniques has lead Barnes-Jewish Hospital to become a leader in offering individualized, safe and effective surgical solutions to those fighting brain tumors. With over 600 brain tumor procedures performed each year, the Neuroscience Center is dedicated to providing the best care for its patients.

To find out more about Barnes-Jewish Hospital brain tumor surgical treatment, visit us online at Barnes Jewish or call 1-314-TOP-DOCS  or toll-free 866-867-3627 FREE.

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