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Great Catch Awards

The Great Catch Awards recognize Barnes-Jewish Hospital team members who intervene to prevent harm, or potential harm, to patients. Annual awards are given in three categories: Courageous Catch, Critical Catch and Overall Best Catch. The annual Great Catch Award recipients are chosen from the year’s monthly winners.

Courageous Catch

The Courageous Catch exemplifies an employee choosing to protect a patient from harm even though it requires them to step out of their normal role or comfort zone and may cause risk to their person, their job or relationships.

Theresa Kim, RNThe winner of the 2015 Courageous Catch Award is Theresa Kim, RN.

Theresa noticed swelling in the neck of a patient who was being prepared for discharge. The patient was sent back to the operating room for a seroma, a pocket of clear serous fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery. The patient suffered no further problems.

Critical Catch

The Critical Catch is awarded to the employee that prevented serious harm from occurring to a patient.

The winner of the Critical Catch Award is Chelsea Gummersheimer, RN. Chelsea discovered that a patient scheduled for an MRI had a pacemaker that was not MRI-compatible. The MRI order was cancelled due to Chelsea’s diligence in ensuring the safety of her patient.

Overall Best Catch

Overall Best Catch is a combination of a courageous and critical catch that honors the employee who courageously protects a patient from harm and prevents a critical patient safety error.

Mallory Bauman, BSN, RNMallory Bauman, BSN, RN, received the award for Overall Best Catch. After taking a patient on a mechanical ventilator to neuroradiology, Mallory recognized that they did not have the capability to monitor such a patient. After a report was filed in the Safety Event Management System, monitoring education and a competency checklist were adapted to fit the radiology procedural areas.

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