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Maternal Fetal Transport to Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Beginning November 1, 2012, referring physicians can call our Call Center at 800-678-HELP (4357) to refer women in labor who need specialized transport.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children's Hospital are providing safe, specialized maternal fetal transport. Every maternal fetal transport will include a three-person team: a Barnes-Jewish high risk obstetrical nurse to care for mom, a Children’s Hospital neonate-trained nurse to care for baby in the event of delivery, and a Children’s Hospital paramedic. Transport is provided by ground or air via one of three mobile intensive care units (MICUs), the KidsFlight 1 and 2 helicopters, and KidsFlight 3, a fixed-wing aircraft dedicated to transporting maternal fetal patients and critically ill newborns and children.


When a physician calls to request a transport, Barnes-Jewish referral staff will connect you with a Maternal Fetal Transport OB medical control specialist who will activate the team upon acceptance of the patient. The referral staff will remain on the recorded call, and will facilitate the transfer and admission to our hospital. The team will choose the appropriate mode  of transportation based on patient condition, weather and distance.

Refer a patient to the Barnes-Jewish Women & Infants Maternal & Fetal Care. 

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