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Magnet scrapbooks tell the story of nursing

Every Barnes-Jewish Hospital nurse has a patient who touched their life in a special way, a co-worker who made a difference in their practice and a story to tell about why they chose this profession.

During the Magnet site visit this past summer, each unit shared these stories in a very unique way. They were asked to take a scrapbook and tell their stories in the best way they could through photos, words and letters.

"When I was first asked to pull together our scrapbook for 7200 and 7300 I was not sure what to do," recalls Denise Skube, RN, 7300. "Everybody on the unit took pictures and I began pulling things together and realized we had great photos that told who we are and the things we do. I also learned that although we are busy we also have a lot of fun together."

Skube says achieving Magnet status is something she is very proud of and believes that the scrapbooks were helpful in making staff also realize who they are and why they are in patient care.

"Creating this book with everyone from our team from spiritual care to techs to housekeeping to physicians helped me appreciate all of us more," she says. "It also helped remind me of why I went into nursing in the first place."

The scrapbook idea brought staff together and conveyed the message that we are a team, explains Nancy Bryant, RN, clinical nurse manager, 6300.

"We tried to show everyone on our team and what makes us unique as a practice, such as burn care, surgical service fellowship and interesting patients," she says.

The most interesting patient on 6300 in their scrapbook may just be the man bitten by a snake, who brought the dead snake to the hospital.

"The snake photo just illustrates the unique patients we have every day," says Bryant with a laugh. "The scrapbook made us more aware of how special we all are and the importance of the work we do."

The 6300 book highlights the entire multidisciplinary team that makes up their unit. They recognize staff, who are bilingual and serve the needs of their diverse population, their award winners, the "night owls" of 6300 and much more.

"This scrapbook was a real team effort," says Renee Von Hatten, RN, asst. clinical nurse manager, 8900 PICRU. "It really made everyone realize that although we think about what we do every day as just our job, we are making a real difference."

The 8900 PICRU book is filled with letters from family and patients who passionately spoke about the care their loved ones or they received.

"This book made me realize what a unique floor we are and the great outcomes we achieve," adds Diane Jackson, RN, clinical nurse manager, 8900 PICRU. "I am continuing to gather new stories and information for the book because it really does tell a story about the impact we all make on lives."

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