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Gifts to the Foundation support a wide range of groundbreaking research projects focused on cancer, heart and vascular, neurology, improved patient care, and more. Tremendous strides are being made that are leading to better treatments and care for patients.

Research progress includes personalized melanoma vaccine

One example of progress is a personalized melanoma vaccine being developed to trigger the immune system to fight cancer. Already, patients in the vaccine study with skin cancer that spread to the lymph nodes have shown an increase in cancer-killer cells and slowed tumor progression. This study opens the door to more personalized immune-based cancer treatments for a variety of cancer types.

Another cancer research project aims to develop a targeted way to deliver chemotherapy without damaging healthy cells. This new drug would be guided to cancer cells with radiation, similar to the underlying process of laser-guided smart bombs used by the military. This therapeutic approach could ultimately help eliminate cancer cells in patients with difficult-to-treat cancers in the lung, head and neck, breast, brain and pancreas.

In addition, neurology researchers are using 3-D brain imaging and X-rays to conduct studies of brain lesions in patients before symptoms of Alzheimer's disease appear. This work will help identify at-risk people and determine the best time to begin medication to slow Alzheimer's progression.

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