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  • Alcohol-Induced Liver Disease
    Alcohol-induced liver disease is caused by heavy use of alcohol. The liver's job is to break down alcohol. If you drink more than it can process, it can become badly damaged.
  • Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma
    Detailed information on cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Diet for Lactose Intolerance
    Detailed information on lactose intolerance, including a list of foods that contain lactose.
  • Estrogen's Effects on the Female Body
    In addition to regulating the menstrual cycle, estrogen affects the reproductive tract, the urinary tract, the heart and blood vessels, bones, breasts, skin, hair, mucous membranes, pelvic muscles, and the brain.
  • Grief and Loss
    Grief moves in and out of stages from disbelief and denial, to anger and guilt, to finding a source of comfort, to eventually adjusting to the loss.
  • Interstitial Lung Disease
    Interstitial lung disease is the name for a group of more than 200 chronic lung disorders. These diseases inflame or scar the lungs. The inflammation and scarring make it hard to get enough oxygen. The scarring is called pulmonary fibrosis.
  • Knee Ligament Injuries
    Learn about the 4 major ligaments of the knee, and about common injuries, symptoms, and treatment.
  • Labor
    Labor usually starts 2 weeks before or after the estimated date of delivery. No one knows exactly what sets off the onset of labor.
  • Labor and Delivery
    Detailed information on labor and delivery
  • Lactose Intolerance
    Lactose intolerance is when your body can’t break down or digest lactose. Lactose is a sugar found in milk and milk products. Read on to learn details about lactose intolerance, including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments.
  • Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (LKS) in Children
    Detailed information on Landau-Kleffner syndrome, including signs, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Language Disorders
    Detailed information on the most common types of language disorders, including aphasia and Landau-Kleffner syndrome
  • Laser Surgery for Lesions and Skin Conditions
    Detailed information on laser surgery for skin conditions.
  • Laser Surgery Overview
    Detailed information on laser surgery and what types of surgeries may be done with lasers
  • Laser Therapy For Cancer Treatment
    Laser therapy can be used to cut a very tiny area to remove very small cancers without damaging surrounding tissue. Lasers also are used to apply heat to tumors to shrink them. They are sometimes used with medicines that are activated by laser light to kill cancer cells.
  • Lead Poisoning
    Detailed information on lead poisoning.
  • Leukemia Index
    Detailed information on leukemia in childhood, including symptoms, staging, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Liposuction
    Liposuction removes excess body fat through a suctioning process. It is not a substitute for weight loss, but it does change the body's shape and contour.
  • Low Back Pain
    Everyone has experienced low back pain at one time or another. Most people can recover from low back pain with home treatment, such as changes in activity, weight loss, quitting smoking, and other steps. Sometimes medicine or surgery is needed.
  • Low-Vision Devices
    Low-vision devices are categorized as either optical or nonoptical. Optical devices are magnifying lenses or closed circuit TV. Nonoptical devices are large-print books and talking computers.
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