Outcomes: Liver Transplant

Barnes-Jewish Hospital has maintained excellent survival rates for liver transplantation since the program was initiated in 1985.

Excellent outcomes achieved by our team are a result of:

  • Selection of the most appropriate transplant candidates
  • World-renowned medical and surgical transplant specialists
  • Expertise in caring for liver transplant patients
  • Rigorous pursuit of leading-edge therapies and promising new drugs
  • Availability of advanced expertise in nearly every specialty  

Number of liver transplants performed in adult and pediatric patients

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Liver Transplant Patient Survival

Patient Survival National Barnes-Jewish

1 month - Proportion of liver transplant patients surviving at 1 month post-op from deceased donor

96.6% 95.4%

1 year - Proportion of liver transplant patients surviving at 1 year post-op from deceased donor

88.2% 90.2%

3 year - Proportion of liver transplant patients surviving at 3 years post-op from deceased donor

77.6% 84.4%

Multiple Organ Transplants

The Transplant Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University is able to offer dual-organ transplants, such as liver-kidney or liver-lung transplants by teaming up with specialists in the other surgery divisions. The program has one of the largest experiences with liver-lung transplantation in patients with cystic fibrosis in the United States, performed in conjunction with St. Louis Children's Hospital.

For more information on the liver transplant program at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, call [Dynamic_Phone_Number].

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