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Pancreas Transplant Options

At the Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Transplant Center, we understand that people with type 1 diabetes may experience health problems that greatly affect their quality of life.

Our specialists perform several types of pancreas transplant to address complications such as severe hypoglycemia (extremely low blood sugar) and brittle diabetes (poorly controlled type 1 diabetes).

At the Transplant Center, our pancreas transplant outcomes consistently meet or exceed national averages. We have completed nearly 200 pancreas transplants, giving us tremendous experience at every step of the transplant process.

Pancreas Transplant Options 

To help our patients receive the best possible care, we offer several different transplant options:

  • Pancreas-only transplant: For this procedure, the pancreas comes from a deceased donor. We may recommend pancreas-only transplant for people who have brittle diabetes or type 1 diabetes with hypoglycemia unawareness. Read more about pancreas-only transplant.
  • Kidney-pancreas transplant: Organs for a combined kidney and pancreas transplant come from a deceased donor. We may recommend this procedure for people with type 1 diabetes and kidney failure. Our surgeons transplant the kidney and pancreas during one surgical procedure. Learn about the details of kidney-pancreas transplant.
  • Pancreas-after-kidney transplant: This type of transplant consists of two surgeries to manage type 1 diabetes with kidney failure. Patients first receive a kidney transplant, which can be from a deceased or living donor. The patient then receives a pancreas transplant at a later date. Read about pancreas-after-kidney transplant.

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