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Kidney Transplant

At the Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Transplant Center, our kidney transplant specialists are uniquely skilled. Our team performs more than 250 kidney transplants per year, which is the highest volume in the state of Missouri and one of the highest in the nation. 

If you are considering a kidney transplant, our experienced team of kidney transplant specialists can offer the expert care you need, with a compassionate touch. 

Kidney Transplant at Barnes-Jewish Hospital: Why Choose Us?

At the Transplant Center, our kidney transplant team provides exceptional care throughout the entire transplant process. We use our experience and innovation in kidney transplant to help you live a full, healthy life.

We offer:

  • An experienced team: Our multidisciplinary team of 30 specialists has a passion for providing the highest level of care for our patients. They meet weekly to discuss transplant patients, providing comprehensive care from initial testing and evaluation to long-term follow-up care after surgery. Meet our kidney transplant team.
  • High volumes, excellent outcomes: Because we perform a high number of kidney transplants, our specialists are highly skilled in performing and providing care for the most complex cases of kidney transplantation. Our excellent outcomes illustrate this expertise. Our short- and long-term organ rejection rates following a kidney transplant are consistently below the national average.
  • Research and innovation: Our partnership with Washington University School of Medicine means we are always looking for ways to improve the kidney transplant process. We remain on the cutting edge of innovative immunosuppression protocols to minimize drug side effects and reduce the risk of rejection.
  • Shorter transplant wait times: We pursue multiple avenues to find a living kidney donor for our patients. As a result, many patients experience shorter wait times for a kidney than at most other centers in the country. Explore our kidney transplant options.
  • More transplant opportunities: Our innovative approaches to living kidney donor matching mean our patients have several different paths to transplantation. We are actively involved in multiple paired-kidney exchange programs that use computer algorithms to help our patients find a living donor throughout the entire United States. This includes our own internal exchange program, allowing local donors and recipients to benefit from the gift or organ donation. Learn more about living kidney donor matching.
  • Multi-organ transplantation: Our transplant team has extensive experience treating patients with complex health needs, successfully completing multi-organ transplants such as kidney-liver, kidney-heart, and kidney-pancreas

Kidney Transplant Program

A Comprehensive Approach to Kidney Transplant

Our dedicated team of kidney transplant specialists work together to provide every kidney transplant recipient and living donor the most comprehensive, personalized care possible. Patients benefit from our:

  • Forward-thinking organ acquisition: We work closely with an innovative organ procurement organization, Mid-America Transplant, to streamline kidney transplantation. Their unique practices help kidneys work better, faster, and result in fewer patients needing dialysis after transplant surgery. Our organ acceptance rate is higher than the national average, which means that we take advantage of every transplant opportunity for our patients.
  • Patient and caregiver support: We offer a wide range of education and support resources to our patients and their loved ones. Our Transplant Mentor Program connects patients with someone who has experienced the kidney transplant process, providing valuable guidance and emotional support.
  • Living kidney donor program: Doctors at the Transplant Center helped pioneer living kidney donor transplants. That depth of expertise leads to more successful short- and long-term results for our living kidney donors. Donors also benefit from our efficient evaluation process, minimally invasive kidney donation surgery and streamlined follow-up care. Learn more about how to become a kidney donor.

Meet Our Patients

Meet our inspiring transplant recipients. Their stories are a reflection of our team's dedication to taking exceptional care of people.

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Refer Your Patient

The evaluation for kidney transplantation is an intensive and complex process. If you would like to refer your patient for a kidney transplant evaluation, we offer an online referral form to begin the referral process.


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