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Pancreas Transplant Team

Pancreas transplant is a complex process that requires the unique skills of a wide range of healthcare providers. At the Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Transplant Center, our team of specialists ensures that our pancreas transplant patients receive comprehensive and personalized care and support. 

Meet Our Pancreas Transplant Experts

Our pancreas transplant team provides specialized expertise before, during and after surgery. Your core team includes:

  • Transplant nephrologists: These doctors specialize in caring for people with pancreas and kidney transplants. If you are receiving a kidney-pancreas transplant or pancreas-after-kidney transplant, our nephrologists will manage immunosuppression medications and provide medical care related to kidney and pancreas transplant.
  • Transplant surgeons: Our transplant surgeons specialize in pancreas, kidney-pancreas or pancreas-after-kidney transplantation and perform your surgery.
  • Transplant anesthesiologists: These specialists ensure patients are unconscious and pain-free during surgery.
  • Pancreas transplant nurse coordinators: Your nurse coordinator is essential to your overall care. These nurses are expert (not all are certified) clinical transplant coordinators, available 24 hours a day before and after transplant. They work specifically with our pancreas transplant recipients and are responsible for:
    • Helping to manage type 1 diabetes and its complications
    • Providing education about the transplant process
    • Coordinating pretransplant testing
    • Placing you on the wait list
    • Updating the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) with information that may change your waiting time
    • Monitoring your health status throughout the transplant process
    • Arranging follow-up care after surgery
  • Infectious disease experts: These doctors manage the risk of infection after pancreas transplant. They can prescribe medications to prevent infection and test your blood and urine for signs of infection.
  • Transplant pharmacists: Our pharmacists have extensive experience with the medications needed to prevent organ rejection, called immunosuppressants. During your hospital stay and at clinic visits, they monitor the type and amount of medications you need. They explain details of your medications, including potential side effects and ways your immunosuppressants may interact with other medications. They can also talk to you about antibiotics you may need to prevent or treat infection.
  • Referring doctors: Your primary care physician and referring endocrinologist manage much of your routine care after transplant. Our transplant specialists work with these doctors to provide excellent long-term care.

Other specialists who are on hand to help with your care include:

  • Endocrinologists: These doctors treat type 1 diabetes. They help manage your condition while you wait for a pancreas transplant.
  • Dietitians: Our dietitians manage your nutrition throughout the transplant process. They use healthy eating habits to help conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. They can also create an eating plan that boosts your immune system and supports your overall health as a transplant recipient.
  • Physical therapists: Our physical therapists create a personalized exercise program so you are in the best condition possible for surgery. They can also assist you with getting out of bed after surgery and offer suggestions for staying active once you return home.
  • Psychologists: These mental health specialists are available for one-on-one counseling. They help you cope with any emotional issues or challenges that arise with having a transplant.
  • Social workers: Our social workers can assist you and your loved ones with many logistical details associated with transplant. Their expertise includes lodging, transportation, finances and legal issues.
  • Financial coordinators: These specialists have extensive experience with the financial aspects of care before, during and after the transplant. They can also help you understand insurance coverage and reimbursement.

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For more information about pancreas transplant or to schedule a transplant evaluation, call 888.998.5689.