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Pancreas Transplant Education and Support

We know it can be challenging to understand all the details of a pancreas transplant. But with the help of our transplant specialists and fellow patients, you have the knowledge and support you need.

The Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Transplant Center provides you and your loved ones with a wide range of education and support services. These resources guide you through the transplant process and help you return to a healthy, active life.

Pancreas Transplant Education 

Education about the pancreas transplant process begins before we place you on a waiting list. This education includes classes and one-on-one appointments with specialists, including nurse coordinators, financial coordinators, nutritionists and transplant pharmacists. Among the many topics we address are:

  • Pretransplant details:
    • Evaluation and eligibility testing
    • Pretransplant care, including the importance of managing type 1 diabetes while you wait for a pancreas transplant
    • Waiting list
    • Surgery plans, including what to do and where to go when we call you for surgery
  • Posttransplant details:
    • Expectations for your recovery
    • Antirejection medications, or immunosuppressants, including their potential side effects and drug interactions
    • Signs of organ rejection
    • Risks of infection and how to spot early infection symptoms
    • Treatment options in case of organ rejection or infection
    • Follow-up appointments

Support Groups 

We offer support groups for people who have received a pancreas transplant and their loved ones. By providing an opportunity to share information and experiences, these groups help you and your caregivers understand and cope with any concerns around transplantation. 

Group leaders, members and guest speakers explore the physical and emotional concerns that accompany transplant. Some common topics include:

  • Lifestyle changes after transplant
  • Financial concerns
  • What to expect during transplant surgery
  • Side effects of medications
  • Fear of organ rejection or infection

Contact Us

For more information about pancreas transplant or to schedule a transplant evaluation, call 855.925.0631.