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Great Catch

Great Catch AwardsThe Great Catch Awards recognize Barnes-Jewish Hospital team members who intervene to prevent harm, or potential harm, to patients. In addition to monthly awards, annual awards are given in three categories: courageous catch, critical catch and overall best catch. The annual Great Catch Award recipients are chosen from the year’s monthly winners.

Courageous Catch

The Courageous Catch exemplifies an employee choosing to protect a patient from harm even though it requires them to step out of their normal role or comfort zone and may cause risk to their person, their job or relationships.

Michael Hutchinson
Michael Hutchinson

The winner of the 2014 Courageous Catch Award is Patient Care Technician Michael Hutchison. Transporting patients by following proper protocols is vital to safe and effective care. When a transporter arrived to transport a patient from the emergency department, Michael noticed that the patient had an IV running with nitroglycerin. He knew right away that a nurse was required to accompany the patient and that discontinuing the IV was not an option. He was courageous in questioning what he believed to be an incorrect process and in doing so, prevented a risky situation.

Critical Catch

The Critical Catch is awarded to the employee that prevented serious harm from occurring to a patient.

Carol Kanyer
Carol Kanyer

The winner of the Critical Catch Award is Radiology Technologist Carol Kanyer. Carol was performing a routine scan and noticed symptoms that might indicate the patient was experiencing a pulmonary embolism, or blood clot. Carol immediately contacted a radiologist and made sure the patient did not leave after the scan. It was confirmed that the patient did indeed have a clot and was immediately sent to the emergency department for treatment. Carol’s keen observation caught a critical condition that could have led to an undesirable outcome.

Overall Best Catch

Overall Best Catch is a combination of a courageous and critical catch that honors the employee who courageously protects a patient from harm and catches a critical patient safety error from occurring.

Meghan Gilreath, BSN, RN, staff nurse, and Clarissa Geiler, BSN, RN, lead charge nurse, on cardiovascular intensive care unit 5600 received the award for Overall Best Catch.

Meghan Gilreath
Meghan Gilreath
Clarissa Geiler
Clarissa Geiler

Meghan and Clarissa were completing a dressing change on a critically ill patient that had been on ECMO, a machine that assists a patient’s heart to pump blood and help them breathe, for a prolonged period of time. During her time with the patient, Clarissa noticed that a tubing connection had slipped from a normal 13-20 millimeter to about 7 millimeter. The connection is critical since a large amount of blood is flowing through the tubing. Meghan acted quickly and applied a temporary fix to the tubing and immediately contacted the perfusionist. Upon his arrival, the perfusionist also noticed that another catheter was inadequately secured. After all tubing was secured and the patient was out of harm’s way, a team was formed to review and improve the process for securing ECMO and external ventricular assist devices.

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