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General Information

How to Apply

Part 1: Registering a new account

  1. Go to www.barnesjewish.org/careers
  2. Click on Search Jobs.
  3. On the Welcome to BJC HealthCare Careers page you can perform a Basic Job Search, Login if you have already registered or register a new account.
  4. Click the Register Here link.
  5. Enter a User Name into the User Name field.
  6. Enter your desired password into the Password field.
  7. Re-enter your desired password into the Confirm Password field.
  8. Click the Register button. 
  9. You will return to the BJC HealthCare Careers homepage. You can now search and apply to job openings.

Part 2: Applying for a job

  1. Use the Basic Job Search function to search for jobs by keyword or click Advanced Search for more search options.
  2. Once you have found a job for which you would like to apply, click the Job Opening Title.
  3. The Job Description page will open. Review the description then click the Apply Now button.
  4. You may choose to Upload a new resume, Copy and paste resume text or Apply without using a resume
  5. Choose a resume option then click the Continue button. 
  6. The My Profile page will appear. If you have already registered an account, you will skip the My Profile page.
  7. Provide the requested information (Name, Address, Email, Phone) then click the Save button.*An email address and postal address is required to complete the application process. If you do not have an email address, we recommend that you create one at an internet site such as gmail.com or hotmail.com which offers free email. If you have difficulty entering a postal address, please refer to the error message at the top of the screen. For example, our system requires that you enter “Saint Louis” instead of St. Louis and “DR” instead of Drive. 
  8. The Complete Application page will open. This is where you fill out your specific job preferences and qualifications. You will begin with your personal information. 
  9. Provide the requested information (Education, Work Experience, References, etc.). This will be multiple pages. 
  10. Once this is complete, click the Save button then click the Next link. 
  11. You will now respond to questions that apply to your application. Click the appropriate answer for each question.
  12. Once this is complete, click the Submit button.
  13. When the application is submitted, a final screen appears. At the top of the screen you can optionally provide Self Identification Details such as race and gender. These fields are optional and can be ignored by clicking I decline to provide my self identification details.
  14. Please read the Terms and Agreements carefully, then acknowledge that you have read and approved it by providing the information requested at the bottom of the page. 
  15. Click the Submit button. You will now return to the My Applications page where a message will appear indicating that you successfully submitted the application.

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