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Know before you go to the ER
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I came to Barnes-Jewish because it was bigger, better, and there was more to do. The reputation drew me to St. Louis, and I’ve been at Barnes-Jewish for nine years now. There’s high acuity, amazing resources, a good learning environment, and great people to work with.

Constant learning. 
When you start critical care, there are certain classes you have to take immediately. There are a lot of specialized machines and devices that we use, and we have to be updated and certified in their use. There are also a lot of critical care classes offered throughout the year, and we’re always encouraged to take them. A great benefit is that most are offered in-house at Barnes-Jewish. We’re allowed education days if we want to attend conferences, and we’re also paid to attend critical care classes as if it were regular shift income.

An unbelievable wealth of resources.
I came from a private hospital, and discovered an unbelievable wealth of resources at Barnes-Jewish. We’re continually trying new treatments that are being investigated, oftentimes working on equipment that’s only being used in a couple other hospitals… Cardiothoracic ICU has some of the best professionals in the hospital because we treat some of the sickest patients. I know nurses at other hospitals who have waited all night and debated if they should call and wake the doctor because they were concerned. Here, it takes one minute and I have someone at the bedside to offer assistance. I’m very happy here. It’s a great place to work.

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