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Know before you go to the ER
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‚ÄčWhy did I choose Barnes-Jewish?
My brother had a motorcycle accident. Another hospital was telling my father that his son had internal bleeding and basically was going to die. My father requested a medical helicopter to take my brother to Barnes-Jewish, and he’s still alive today… years later, my father took ill and went to a local hospital where they wanted to operate right away. After two surgeries in 24 hours, he wasn’t better, so I demanded a helicopter to take him to Barnes-Jewish. He had a misdiagnosis twice at the other hospital! Between Barnes-Jewish saving both my father’s and my brother’s lives, I know where I’m going to stay and work.

Seamless patient care.
At shift change, we do walking rounds where the night and day nurses check on each patient together and discuss the plan of care for that day. Being at the bedside, we’re able monitor our patients more effectively as opposed to just reviewing charts. There are also teaching tools on the computer that we print out for patients before they proceed with testing. This way, we’re all aware of what to expect regarding care and treatment.

Management is what keeps me here.
Management has a keen sense for understanding if we’re getting a little frayed around the edges and need a change. If that happens, I get involved with orientation of new nurses. We get to spend quality time with a new nurse who’s eager to learn, and it reignites the fire.

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