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Childbirth Education Classes

Prepared Childbirth Class

This class, which is a one day course, is taught by our own highly qualified labor and delivery nurses from Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Together, you and your support person will learn what to expect during your labor and birth, including breathing & relaxation techniques, pain control, epidural, medical interventions, cesarean birth, postpartum expectations, and a birth video. The class also includes a tour of the Women & Infant’s Unit and the Nursery.

Fee: $35 (per couple)

Breastfeeding Class

This one day course, is taught by a board certified consultant, counselor and registered nurse. The class is designed to give the new mom all of the information she needs to get started down the right path for breastfeeding her new baby.

The class will provide information on techniques such as proper latch, positioning, establishing a good milk supply, frequency of feedings, and how to know if your baby is getting enough milk. Expressing, storage of milk, and returning to work are also covered. Your support person is welcome, and encouraged to attend.

Fee: $30 per family.

Baby Care Class

This one day class will help to prepare the new mom and parents for the first few months at home with the new infant. You will learn basic baby care techniques, how to bathe your newborn, prepare formula, and to safely prepare your home and car for your new arrival. The nurses that lead this class will teach you the signs of illness, the importance of immunizations, when it’s important to call your pediatrician, and how to take your baby’s temperature. Infant CPR will also be covered during this class.

Sibling Class

This one day class, which is taught by registered nurses who are also parents, prepares children ages 3-8 for the arrival of their new sister or brother. Parents do need to attend with their child(ren). Children will learn about newborn babies, including how to touch/hold them, and just what that new little brother or sister is all about. They will make a craft with their own hands that’s especially for their new brother or sister that they’ll be able to put in the crib at the hospital. The children will also receive a tour of the labor & delivery unit and nursery, and will receive a certificate at the end of the class.

Fee: $15 for one child, $5 for each additional child

Location of Classes

All classes will be located at Barnes-Jewish Hospital south:

1 Barnes Jewish Hospital Plaza
St. Louis, MO  63110.

Childbirth, Breast-feeding, and Baby Care Classes will all be held in the Schwartz Auditorium, which is on the Main Level of the hospital. Signs will be available to follow on the day of class. Sibling Class will be held in the 5300 Classroom on the 5th floor of the main hospital. Take the Central Elevator to the 5th floor & follow the signs.

Register Online Here

To register, please call 362-MOMS (314-362-6667) or request a call from an event specialist.

Delivery by EXIT Procedure

When doctors saw a mass growing on the neck of one of Sarah and Jason Rouse's twin boys, they sent the family to The Fetal Care Center. There, a team of Washington University physicians at St. Louis Children's and Barnes Jewish Hospitals performed an ex utero intrapartum treatment (EXIT) procedure to safely deliver both boys.


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