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Pregnancy & Childbirth Classes, Events & Facility Tours

Dear Expectant Parents & Families

For the safety of you and our patients, we have cancelled our in-person obstetrics tours and childbirth classes until further notice. If you were registered for one of these classes and submitted payment, you will receive a refund notification via email. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your understanding during this time.

To reschedule, please view our future class dates and register online.

If you have any further questions or concerns to discuss with an educator, we invite you to call 314.859.0594 Monday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm.

We’ve created an online tour and invite you to become familiar with the Women & Infants Center virtually, during this time.



Having your first baby, or having another baby, can be both exciting and overwhelming. Taking one or more classes and a tour of the birth facility can help you feel better prepared and less anxious.

At the Women & Infants Center, we offer a wide variety of classes that cover topics ranging from preparing for labor and giving birth to taking care of your newborn and helping an older child adjust to a new sibling. Our classes include:

Prepared Childbirth Class

As your delivery day approaches, you may feel anxious and unsure about what will happen once you go into labor. At this one-day class, taught by the Women & Infants Center’s experienced labor and delivery nurses, you and your support partner will learn:

  • What to expect during labor and birth
  • Medical pain control options including epidurals and other interventions
  • About cesarean births (C-sections)
  • What to expect immediately after delivery

The class also includes viewing of a birth video and a tour of the Women & Infants Center. Register online or call 314.362.MOMS (6667).

  • Fee: $35 per couple

Natural Childbirth and Labor Preparation

This class covers the same topics as the Prepared Childbirth Class but is geared toward those who wish to explore nonmedicated pain relief during childbirth. In addition to the topics listed above, you’ll also learn about different positions for optimal comfort during labor.

The class includes a tour of our Women & Infants Center. Register online or call 314.362.MOMS (6667).

  • Fee: $50.00 per couple

Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding is healthy for both baby and mom and promotes bonding. In this one-day class, a certified lactation educator and registered nurse give moms-to-be all the information they need to prepare to breastfeed. Moms will learn:

  • Proper latch techniques
  • Proper positioning for successful breastfeeding
  • How to establish a good milk supply
  • How frequently you should feed your baby
  • How to know if your baby is getting enough milk
  • How to express milk and store it safely

Our experts also give advice on how to return to work and keep up your milk supply. Your support person is welcome and encouraged to attend. Register online or call 314.362.MOMS (6667).

  • Fee: $30 per family

Newborn Care Class

The long-awaited day is here, and you’ve brought your baby home. Now what? A registered nurse helps parents prepare for the first few months at home with their new infant. You will learn:

  • Basic baby care techniques, including:
    • How to bathe your newborn
    • How to take your baby’s temperature
    • How to prepare formula
  • How to safely prepare your home and car for your new arrival
  • Signs of illness
  • When to call your pediatrician

Register online or call 314.362.MOMS (6667).

  • Fee: $30 per family

Sibling Class

Maybe your child always wanted a little brother or sister–or maybe not. Registered nurses who are also parents teach this one-day class. We help prepare children ages 3 to 8 for the arrival of their new sister or brother. Children will:

  • Learn about newborn babies, including how to touch and hold them
  • Make a craft for their new brother or sister’s crib at the hospital
  • Receive a tour of the Women & Infants Center

All children will receive a certificate at the end of the class. Parents must attend with their child(ren). Register online or call 314.362.MOMS (6667).

  • Fee: $15 for one child, $5 for each additional child


This 3-week series offers everything you need to get ready for your new arrival and is taught by an experienced labor and delivery nurse, certified lactation counselor, and childbirth educator. Each week covers a new topic: 

  • Preparing for childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn care. 

Each part of this series follows a similar lesson plan used in these individual classes: Prepared Childbirth Class, the Breastfeeding Class, and the Newborn Care Class. Participants will also receive an obstetrics tour of the Women & Infants Center. Your support person is welcome and encouraged to attend. Register online or call 314.362.MOMS (6667)

  • Fee: $75 per family

Obstetrics Tours

Seeing where you will give birth can help you feel less anxious as the big day approaches. On this 30-minute tour, led by our labor and delivery staff, you and your family will visit and learn about our:

  • Women’s Assessment Center
  • Labor and delivery floor
  • Mother-baby floor

This guided tour will highlight where to go when you are in labor, from your arrival at the hospital and admission for labor, to the postpartum period. Register online or call 314.362.MOMS (6667).

  • Fee: FREE

Breastfeeding Support Group

Meet with other breastfeeding mothers and their babies in a supportive setting, led by one of our expert lactation consultants. This group is a great place to boost breastfeeding confidence, enhance your know-how, and both lend and receive support and help.

  • The support group meets every Tuesday from 2-3 PM
  • Location: Barnes-Jewish Parkview Tower, 5th Floor, Activity Room
  • Parking: Support group attendees can park free of charge in Parkview Garage. Parking garage tickets will be validated before or after the support group.
  • Registration is not required. Call 314.362.1555 or 314.859.0594 for more information.
  • Fee: FREE

Contact Us

To make an appointment for a class or tour at the Women & Infants Center, register online or call 866.992.6396.