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Know before you go to the ER
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Women & Infants Center: For Professionals

At the Women & Infants Center, we are committed to partnering with referring physicians and healthcare providers to deliver the best possible outcomes for your patients and their babies.

Refer Your Patients to the Women & Infants Center

We bring together world-class providers, advanced technology and a commitment to compassionate care to provide top-quality service. While your patients are receiving treatment with us, we will:

  • Support your patient treatment plan
  • Maintain timely communication with you about your patient's status
  • Provide your patient with a comprehensive care team, including quick access to subspecialty care if indicated

How to Make a Referral

The resources below can help you make a referral, request transport services, or schedule an appointment or consult—whether emergent or non-emergent—within the Women & Infants Center.

Maternal-Fetal Transport
Phone 1.855.747.5300 (Women’s Direct)

- for transport by ground or air for pregnant women in labor requiring special care not available at their local facility and critically ill newborns

Perinatal ICU Transfers
Phone 1.800.252.3627 (BJC Transfer Center)

- for the transport and transfer of women in the perinatal period who are critically ill and need ICU care

Fetal Care Center
Phone 1.866.867.3627 (TOP-DOCS)
Phone (emergent consults or transfers) 1.855.747.5300 (Women’s Direct)
Fax 314.362.1860

- for comprehensively supportive care for any patient with suspected or confirmed fetal diagnosis

Maternal-Fetal Medicine/ Ob Ultrasound
Phone 1.866.867.3627 (TOP-DOCS)
Phone (emergent consults or transfers) 1.855.747.5300
Fax 314.747.1637

- for care of privately insured patients with maternal indication

High-Risk OB Clinic, Teen Pregnancy Center, or the Center for Diabetic Pregnancy
Phone 1.866.867.3627 (TOP-DOCS)
Fax 314.747.1637

- for comprehensively supportive, safety net care for publicly insured and uninsured patients with maternal indication, or under the age of 18

Washington University Genetic Counseling
Phone 1.866.867.3627 (TOP-DOCS)
Fax 314.747.1637

- for pregnancies with advanced maternal age or abnormal maternal serum screening

St. Louis Children’s Hospital NICU / Newborn Medicine
Phone 1.800.678.4357

- for consults or referrals for critically ill newborns into the Newborn ICU or a newborn medicine specialty clinic

St. Louis Children’s Hospital Fetal Heart Center
Phone 1.800.678.4357
Fax 314.454.2561

- for family or sibling history of heart defect, maternal diabetes