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Maternal Fetal Transport offered by Barnes-Jewish


When referred by a physician, pregnant women requiring specialized transport will have immediate access to the care they need. We’re ready to respond – by ground or by air. The Maternal Fetal Transport service offers a level of care unavailable through other regional transport programs. Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children’s Hospitals provide safe, specialized maternal fetal transport.

Every maternal fetal transport will include a three-person team: a Barnes-Jewish high-risk obstetrical nurse to care for mom, a Children’s Hospital neonate-trained nurse to care for baby in the event of delivery, and a Children’s Hospital paramedic. Transport is provided by ground or air via one of three mobile intensive care units (MICUs), two helicopters (KidsFlight 1 and 2), and KidsFlight 3, a fixed-wing aircraft dedicated to transporting maternal fetal patients and critically ill newborns and children.

Maternal Fetal Transport


  • You must be referred by a physician to receive this service
  • The transport team is ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The transport team consists of a specially-trained OB/GYN registered nurse, a pediatric/neonate trained registered nurse and a paramedic
  • Immediate ground or air service within 15 minutes of call
  • Maintained communication with referring OB/Gyn and hospital
  • Direct access to Washington University maternal fetal and pediatric specialists
Maternal Fetal Transport

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